Während des Lockdowns wurde viel aufgeräumt, entsorgt, gestöbert und geputzt. Dabei wurden einige längst vergessene Habseligkeiten wiedergefunden und verborgene Schätze gehoben. Dies geschah auch in den Kinderzimmern der Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 7c. Daraus ging dann im Englischunterricht folgendes “Lockdown Photo Project” hervor.

G. Merz & Klasse 7c


Look down.

Secrets unlocked.

During lockdown I found my old baking book again. So I made lots of cakes and I was very creative with regard to the cakes’ colours and shapes. I made many “rainbow-coloured” cakes as well as some multi-coloured muffins. I also decorated my donuts in in a very imaginative way. It was great fun. But I think my family needs a “cake break” now because I made so many cakes during the lockdown that my parents and my brother are not too keen on eating cakes in the near future. That is why I have to stop baking for a while. [Sophia]

During the Covid-19 pandemic I tidied up my bedroom. I put all my things into some boxes, onto the shelves or into my wardrobe. While I was clearing out my bedroom, I found my old juggling balls. I thought that I was still able to juggle but I wasn’t. Oh dear. So, as I had loads of time on my hands, I trained a lot and, in the end, I was able to juggle with several balls again. Due to that I felt proud of myself and I was extremely happy. What a great success. [Denzel]

At Easter I got a “tolino”. That is an online reader. I wanted to have one because during the Covid-19 lockdown you could not go to the library. That “tolino” is very cool because you can borrow or download all the books from the ”Stadtbücherei”, which is the library in Bamberg. [Annalena]

This is a picture of “GraviTrax”, which is or was one of my favourite games. I received it as a Christmas present from my mum one and a half years ago. I played that game very often with my friends, my cousins and my brother. GraviTrax is an interactive track system and you can design and build your own race tracks, for example you can create a kind of roller coaster with some loops or bridges. As soon as a track is complete, you can start rolling a gravity sphere. I had completely forgotten how much fun this game is. I had no longer thought about GraviTrax because it had been hidden for a long time on top of my wardrobe and so it could no longer be seen. During the lockdown, it was so boring that I tidied up my whole room and, what a surprise, I found my GraviTrax box behind some old toys again. That was great. [Franka]

During the Covid-19 lockdown we cleared out our cellar. Behind a big wardrobe I found our Ping-Pong table. I had completely forgotten about it because my parents bought it when I was still too small to play table tennis. Now we only need to clear out our cellar a little bit more to make enough space so that we can put it up. I am really looking forward to playing table tennis again. [Nico]

I found my old earrings during the lockdown. When I was five months old, I got my ears pierced and after that I received my first earrings from my aunt when I was still in Chechnya. I wore them for almost eleven years. I think that is the only thing that I still have from Chechnya. [Jasmina]

During the Covid-19 lockdown I found a picture of myself when I was five years old. In that picture you can see a very big spider and our nursery school teacher. She liked animals very much and that was her spider. She also had a lot of cats and some other animals. I was very excited when that enormous spider crawled along my arm. [Jalen]

During the lockdown, I came across my old coloured pencils. I was very happy when I found them because I could draw some beautiful pictures at home and so I was no longer that bored when I was locked down at home. [Helena]

In this picture you can see a pink dress, which I wore when I was just a little baby. I think it looks a bit like the dress of a ballerina. I only wore it two or three times because I grew so fast. When I was too big for this little pink dress, my doll received it and now my doll is wearing it. [Anna]

Here you can see a box, which my grandma gave me when I was seven. In this box there are a lot of mementos, like photos, stones, jewellery and money from foreign countries. I think the money in the picture is from Hungary. [Anna]

I found this teddy bear during lockdown. My dad got it when he started bee-keeping. There is a bee on the right foot of the teddy bear. It has also got some clothes but I undressed the teddy bear because he is cuter without clothes. It was given to my dad along with a very soft, orange blanket. [Tim]

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I read this nice Harry Pottet book. During that period, I had so much time to read because we were not allowed to go to school. At first, the time of the lockdown was really boring, but then we were allowed to meet some of our friends again and then it was no longer as boring as it was at the beginning. I hope this crisis is over soon. [Dominik]

I found my old piggy bank in our attic. It was full of dust and so I cleaned it for almost half an hour. Then I suddenly heard something rattle inside. What was it? I looked inside. Oh, surprise, surprise, there were some Euro coins in my piggy bank. I thought about giving it away. Maybe I could give it to a friend as a birthday present. It is a nice piggy bank and I was given it on my fifth birthday. Then one day, I saw our neighbours’ daughter, who is six years old, and I gave her the piggy bank and she was very happy about it. [Marco]

This is the “Pumptrack” in Litzendorf. Riding my bike there is my new hobby, which I found out during the Covid-19 lockdown and I spent a lot of time there. I was there almost every day. [Nils]

During the lockdown I found my Nintendo computer, which I have been searching for for about six years. After an English online lesson I found it and I was really happy because when I was young, I always played “Mario Kart” and “Animal Crossing” on it with my sister. [Tom]

This is my sweet cuddly toy. I played a lot with it when I was little. During the lockdown, I had to tidy up my room and so I found a few things that I had almost forgotten. This cuddly toy is already quite worn or damaged at its back because we played a lot with it. This is the story of my cuddly toy. [Lelia]

During the lockdown I found my old favourite book. The title is “Chroniken der Weltensucher”. It is an adventure book. I love this book, it makes me so happy. The main character is Carl Friedrich von Humboldt, he was a rich man. Charlotte was his niece and Oskar is a pickpocket and there is Wilma, she is a Kiwi. [Aron]

During the lockdown, I found my old Playstation 3 in our attic. I got it when I was ten years old. My first six games were PES2013, PES2014, FIFA15, NHL13, FERRARICHALLENGE and LANDWIRTSCHAFTSSIMULATOR. [Niklas]

In this picture you can see a “Minecraft World”, which I built a few years ago and I played it very often when I was younger. At that time, we had around 60 to 70 different worlds, which were all named the same, i.e. “My World”. So whenever my brother played, I had to try every world until I found the world that I was searching for. But once I wasn’t able to find my farm world and I thought that it had been lost. After a while, I stopped searching for it. But during the lockdown I had enough time to play Minecraft again and after some weeks when it got really boring, I decided to look for old buildings I had built a long time ago. But then we already had around 60 worlds more, which were all named “My World” again. And after I had been searching around for ages, I found my favourite world, that I had built four or five years ago. So I decided to continue building it. And I was able to enjoy it again. [Michael]

I needed a computer during the lockdown. I could use our family computer and I used the internet for our online lessons and the video chats. I needed the teams app and downloaded it. I still use it but not as often as during the lockdown. [Theresa]

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I rearranged my stone collection. While I was looking at this ammonite, I was wondering about how many crises this stone has probably already survived, for example the extinction of the dinosaurs, volcanic eruptions, wars, earthquakes and so on. This fossil will not be affected by Covid-19, but what about us? [Ms Merz]