Am 24.04.2023 durften die Schülerinnen und Schüler der sechsten und siebten Jahrgangsstufe ihre Englischkenntnisse unter Beweis stellen. Lassen wir sie hier selbst zu Wort kommen:  

“On Monday 24th April Jim Wingate, a British storyteller, performed at our DG. Storytellers pass on old and new stories from generation to generation. The whole morning he told stories to all students from the sixth and seventh grade. Before his performance he literally greeted every single student with a handshake and a friendly smile on his face. For every story Jim picked three to five students as characters in his story – that was quite funny. Jim told all his stories with a lot of emotion and fun. The different stories were about farmers, kings, family life and even one story about the dangerous life in Russia. We students liked it a lot which can be seen in one student’s statement: ‘It was very funny. It was great that he used us students to act out his stories.’ 

Hopefully, Jim visits more schools and continues telling his fantastic stories. And who knows, maybe we’ll see him again someday.” (Hanna Hoh, Benjamin Jungnickel und Lisa Klug; 6d)